5 Simple Ways To Write Better Blog Posts

by - Thursday, October 01, 2015

Writing killer blog posts can often be a challenging aspect of blogging. It can be quite disheartening when you spend time and effort writing a post only to find that it barely got any views/comments. I know it was something that happened to me a lot during my third or fourth month of blogging and after a lot of research and thought, I finally understood why, which is why I decided to share with you some of my ways to write better blog posts that promote blog growth.


I cannot stress this point enough! Know who your audience is. Know what kind of posts do the best on your blog (eg. fashion, recipes, beauty etc). You can also find out their general age, country, gender etc using Google Analytics.

It'll help you understand what kind of audience you have, what topics they are interested in which can help you create the right content for your viewers. Your viewers are also more likely to stick around for longer and share your blog if they enjoy the topics you talk about.


Every blogger should aim to create their own, unqiue blogging voice. Basically, a blogging voice is the way you write and express your writing. Your blogging voice could be professional and crisp, or quirky or fun. Try and fit it to your personality or what you envision for your blog,


Photographs can be the key to writing brilliant blog posts. Often, readers need images to break slabs of text up and often paragraphing cannot be enough. Using photographs you can also convey your message to the readers. Images are also essential for thumbnails, both for recent posts widegts and popular posts widgets as well as on Bloglovin. When a reader clicks on your post, there are two things they may see; the title and the photograph. If the title (which I will be covering in my next post) and photographs aren't effective, the reader may not even click on your post.


A title or headline is one of the first things a reader will see. If that in itself is not appealing, they may not click on the post. Use key words in your title along with power words and some emotional language. Spend some time thinking about what kind of title you'd click on, which would also appeal to others browsing the Internet. If you see an amazing title online, make sure to jot it down (for inspiration, not to copy!)


It is quite often said that to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. Same goes for blogging. To be a good blogger, you have to be a good blog reader. Keep up-to-date with other blogs using Bloglovin. (PS...feel free to follow my blog!) See what is popular in the blogger community or seek inspiration from your favourite blogger. (And inspiration does not mean copy their ideas!!)

Those are the 5 simple ways you can write better blog posts Follow these tips to up your blogging game and write effective, well thought out posts. Make sure to let me what you think by dropping a comment in the section below.

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