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by - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Popular Series I Want To Read | sprinkledpages

Hey guys!

Today I am going to be chatting about some of the popular series that I have yet to read! These are ones that are most definitely on my TBR but I have not been able to get around to reading them!
You may be wondering why I have not yet read these books and the main reason is I had been in a huge reading slump for the past two to three years and only this year have I been able to get back into books (and I am back in full force, so that’s great!) and since having been back, I’m trying to get through all the books I missed over the years and that, unfortunately, does take a while!

My TBR list is huger than just these books and if you’d like to see the whole list, you can check out my Goodreads.

However, in this post, I’m just going to be talking about the so-called ‘popular’ series of books that everyone in the book community seems to be buzzing about!

Let’s get started!


Before you all tear me to pieces, I’ve read the first book in the series (the book review for that is going to be coming very soon, so stay tuned for that) and the next three books are on this month’s TBR! I have included these books in this post, however, because firstly, I have not read the majority, so that still counts as a series I have not yet read and secondly, everyone says the last few books are the best so it feels like I’ve barely read the series anyway (have I convinced you yet? Cause I’ve convinced myself!)


I haven’t read anything by Alexandra Bracken, including her fairly new novel, Passenger but I am most definitely planning to, especially because everyone is always talking about how fantastic it is! I am also excited for The Darkest Minds movie which is currently in production stages, I believe! I will be going to watch it for sure.


This is also going to be read by me very soon because not only is it on my October TBR, but I am going to be going to the Gemina book launch and I want to have the book read before I go, otherwise what is even the point of going, haha? But I’m sure I’m going to love it, which is why I have already gotten the tickets and written it on my calendar!

I also love the format of the book because I love books with creative elements or a creative way of writing the story. If you don’t know, Illuminae is a book set in outer space and the story is told through chats, and blogs and files and all these different multi-media formats which is SO UBER COOL!

Popular Series I Want To Read | sprinkledpages


I know, I know! This is such a popular series but I haven’t been able to pick it up yet! *looks away guiltily* It is on the very tippy top of my TBR, I promise but for some reason, I just haven’t been able to get myself to pick them up just yet!

I have very high hopes for this one, especially since the final book in the series, Crooked Kingdom came out recently (which means I can now binge on the series! #planning) and every single person I have spoken to has had such lovely things to say! I don’t have any of the books in the series (hence why they are not in the photo) other than the last book, which was sent to me. But I will make it a point to borrow them from the library and read them!


This is another series I also have heard such lovely things about and also do not own. However, what really draws me to this book is two things: a) the retelling aspect of this series (it is a retelling of Cinderella) because I am a big fan of seeing the spin the authors put on it and b) the fact that it has very diverse characters of all shapes, sizes and colours!

The only thing that makes me slightly apprehensive is the whole sci-fi thing! I’m not the hugest fan of sci-fi, especially the whole ‘cyborg’ aspects of the novel but everyone always recommends it to me so I am definitely giving it a try!


I have previously read this series but it was a really long time ago and I don’t think the last book was out when I read it and I don’t remember much past the first book (which I adored) except for getting really bored with the other books. However, since I adore the first book, the movie and the new TV show, Shadowhunters, I want to re-read this series! I have also previously read The Infernal Devices but I want to re-read it as well as the new book, Lady Midnight.

Popular Series I Want To Read | sprinkledpages


I have read the first book of this series very recently but I have yet to read the other books in the series! This series was quite popular (hence, it was made into a film) and I feel like it will continue to grow in popularity (because of the film) and I can’t wait to see what the other two books of the series are like!


This is a middle grade series and I was reading this when I was younger but the other books hadn’t been released and I ended up losing interest in this. However, I really want to get back into it because everyone loves these books and they were such a huge part of my childhood and I remember how much I loved Percy Jackson!

Have you read any of these books? And if not, are they on your TBR list?

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2 happy thoughts

  1. Eeeeeee, you haven't read The Grisha Trilogy yet??? Pleeeaaassseeeee read the trilogy before SoC and CK, otherwise you'll get spoiled on SO MUCH. Trust me, I'm an expert when it comes to these books XD Lovely post! ^_^

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. No, I haven't yet read it! But yes, I for sure will read the Grisha trilogy before SoC, which I am so excited for! And thank you so much!


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